April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!


I took this photo nearly a decade ago (how is that even possible?!) at a small outdoor restaurant along the coast of South Africa. It's an old buoy, but it has always reminded me of the earth. 

The Sailor, the Peanut and I just returned from South Africa, and while we were nowhere near this restaurant, we at least enjoyed the outdoors as well as the spoils from Oupa's garden. We missed peach season, but we still had fresh carrots, tomatoes, onions and potatoes to feast on. We were just in time, since much of the garden was gearing up for the winter.

We introduced the Peanut to grass, which he wasn't too sure about at first. 

He soon figured that grass was great to crawl in, leaves make wonderful crunchy noises, and Dexter the Wonder Dog is fun to pet. 

I got to sit under my favorite tree.

We introduced hammocking to the Peanut as well. 

He didn't stay in the hammock long, 
but I think he liked the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. 

Earth Day might only come around once a year, but I kind of like the idea of enjoying the outdoors all 365 days.

Now that we're back in the Northern Hemisphere (Spring already sprang while we were away) it's time to think of our own garden. This year we're planting tomatoes, okra, peas, carrots and broccoli, plus maybe a few other goodies. 

I'm thinking maybe sunflowers? 

Whatever your day brings, I hope it's full of sunshine, and happiness equivalent to leaves crunching in a baby's hand.

Happy Earth Day! 

April 11, 2015


I have mentioned several times that I have a slight obsession with journals. I've kept one ever since I was 10. The past few years though, I seem remiss about writing in mine

Well, this year, I decided I needed to write more. Not just blog, not just write on my laptop, but actually WRITE... even if nobody reads it, and even if the Peanut is grabbing for the pages and my pen.

Long before it was the 'in thing' to Instagram coffee and food pics, I often took photos of my journal with whatever I happen to be drinking at the time. It helped me keep track of which journals accompanied me on various trips.

This one is from Scotland. I remember because that was the most delightful millionaire's shortbread I'd ever eaten. 

And this is from my favorite little cafe back in my old town in Pennsylvania.

Earlier in the year, I took this photo and posted it on Instagram and said something about New Year, New Journal. I haven't written much in it since, but I've at least scribbled a few things. I'm thinking I need to just make a bit more time during the day to scribble a bit more. 

Oh and that delightful thing atop my coffee? That's a Dutch stroopwaffel. They are delicious cold, but extraordinary when you heat them for a few minutes atop your coffee. YUM.

April 4, 2015

Books to Read Again (and Again)

I have always been an avid reader. I have my mother to thank for that. I know she read to me when I was little and I remember she always had what seemed to be a War and Peace sized book on the back of the loo. (Now that I think about it though... those brief bathroom breaks were probably her only time to read when we were little!

I'm hoping the Peanut reads a lot too. He's on his way to loving books... he gets super excited when I ask him if he wants to read Little Blue Truck. Plus my friends threw me a book baby shower last year, so he is well-stocked for reading material!

I don't have quite as much time as I did before to read for myself, but I still manage to make time in between everything else going on. However, I don't keep a lot of my books because I pass so many of them on to friends or else I donate them to libraries or thrift stores. But there are a few that I have actually purchased multiple copies of because I realized once I gave them away that I wanted to reread them.

I try to read both Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle and Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh at least once a year. I haven't gotten to them yet for 2015, but the year is still young. 

I first read The Hiding Place (by Corrie ten Boom and Elizabeth and John Sherrill) when I lived in England and I remember staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it because I couldn't put it down. I discovered an old copy recently and I found myself just as engrossed in it. I was reading it every spare moment I had. I think it took me a whole two days to finish it this time. 

And finally, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith is the perfect coming-of-age story, to be enjoyed at any age. I really need to reread this one soon. 

What are you reading or rereading these days?