April 11, 2015


I have mentioned several times that I have a slight obsession with journals. I've kept one ever since I was 10. The past few years though, I seem remiss about writing in mine

Well, this year, I decided I needed to write more. Not just blog, not just write on my laptop, but actually WRITE... even if nobody reads it, and even if the Peanut is grabbing for the pages and my pen.

Long before it was the 'in thing' to Instagram coffee and food pics, I often took photos of my journal with whatever I happen to be drinking at the time. It helped me keep track of which journals accompanied me on various trips.

This one is from Scotland. I remember because that was the most delightful millionaire's shortbread I'd ever eaten. 

And this is from my favorite little cafe back in my old town in Pennsylvania.

Earlier in the year, I took this photo and posted it on Instagram and said something about New Year, New Journal. I haven't written much in it since, but I've at least scribbled a few things. I'm thinking I need to just make a bit more time during the day to scribble a bit more. 

Oh and that delightful thing atop my coffee? That's a Dutch stroopwaffel. They are delicious cold, but extraordinary when you heat them for a few minutes atop your coffee. YUM.

April 4, 2015

Books to Read Again (and Again)

I have always been an avid reader. I have my mother to thank for that. I know she read to me when I was little and I remember she always had what seemed to be a War and Peace sized book on the back of the loo. (Now that I think about it though... those brief bathroom breaks were probably her only time to read when we were little!

I'm hoping the Peanut reads a lot too. He's on his way to loving books... he gets super excited when I ask him if he wants to read Little Blue Truck. Plus my friends threw me a book baby shower last year, so he is well-stocked for reading material!

I don't have quite as much time as I did before to read for myself, but I still manage to make time in between everything else going on. However, I don't keep a lot of my books because I pass so many of them on to friends or else I donate them to libraries or thrift stores. But there are a few that I have actually purchased multiple copies of because I realized once I gave them away that I wanted to reread them.

I try to read both Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle and Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh at least once a year. I haven't gotten to them yet for 2015, but the year is still young. 

I first read The Hiding Place (by Corrie ten Boom and Elizabeth and John Sherrill) when I lived in England and I remember staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it because I couldn't put it down. I discovered an old copy recently and I found myself just as engrossed in it. I was reading it every spare moment I had. I think it took me a whole two days to finish it this time. 

And finally, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith is the perfect coming-of-age story, to be enjoyed at any age. I really need to reread this one soon. 

What are you reading or rereading these days? 

March 28, 2015

Bah Bah Wooden Sheep Buttons

Once upon a time, the Sailor and I took a short road trip and I realized I could knit in the car while he drove. 

I nearly finished this sweater

When we got home, it took forever to finish it because the Peanut was trying to help me. 

Then when I finished it, I still needed buttons. 

Even my giant button stash didn't have five buttons that suited this little cardigan.  
(If you need to clear out your own giant stash, read this post...)

I finally made it to the local knitting store, where I scored these wooden sheep ones. 

I had seen them before when I went to look for buttons for this cardigan, but I liked the black ones more against that green one. 

Then the buttons sat there while the Peanut learned to get into everything. 

Finally, during two separate naps, I managed to get the buttons sewn on. 

Just in time for Spring. 


The End. 

March 20, 2015

Swiftly Wind Your Yarn!

The last time I was in South Africa, my mother-in-law gifted me her old yarn winder. You can see more here (the yarn winder is near the end of the post).

I have used that thing a LOT since then. I'm not sure how I wound so much yarn before I had it, but I've definitely used it a ton. 

With my recent purchase of this yarn in the basket, I decided I finally needed a swift to go with my winder. Sure, I could unwind the yarn from the skein using two chairs, or an extra pair of hands, but frankly that takes too long. In that span of time, the Peanut is already climbing the bookshelf. 

So, for my recent birthday, I decided to get a swift. I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg though. After all, I need both arms to knit. But lo and behold, you can order a fairly cheap one online from Walmart

I tested it out this past week, and much to my glee, the Peanut was so busy staring at the yarn going around in circles, he forgot all about the bookshelf. I was able to wind all of those yarns swiftly (I guess that's why they call it a swift??

And now my yarn looks even prettier and more organized. Now if I could only find the time to actually knit or crochet something with it. 


March 15, 2015

Happy (Early) Mother's Day

Mother's Day comes early in the United Kingdom. Every year I notice it because I have a slew of British friends wishing each other a Happy Mum's Day. Today is the day, so Happy Mother's Day to my mummy pals across the pond. 

Years ago, when I lived and worked in England, I would buy my own mother a card and send it early. I knew if I waited until May, when Mother's Day is celebrated in the USA, then I wouldn't be able to find a card. I had a momentary panic a few years back when I thought that South Africa celebrated Mother's Day in March as well, and I hadn't called my mother-in-law. They too celebrate in May, thankfully at least for me. 

This past week, my own mom visited the Peanut and me. We ate, we laughed and we watched the Peanut try to stand all on his own. He's a brave and fearless little stinker.

My mom has become quite the traveler since this post. She's visited several times over the past few years, and I realized the other week when I stepped on a plane for the first time in two years that my own mother has flown more than me during that time.  

On the day she left, we reminisced about all of the times she's driven hours and hours to either get me on a plane or pick me up from one. We laughed, because now with the Peanut, I don't even have the energy to drive her two hours to her airport... so I put her on a shuttle. My mom didn't seem to mind, or if she did, she certainly didn't say anything. Moms are good like that. Now that I'm one myself, I'm starting to get a glimpse of all the things you'll do for your kids, even if it means driving hours to the airport, or riding in a shuttle for two hours with a bunch of strangers. (Thanks Mom!)

So, Happy Mother's Day to all of the British mothers... and Happy early Mother's Day to the rest of us!