The Sailor

I married a sailor. The Sailor, as he's referred to on this blog. I figured that I wrote about him enough in my posts -- it's high time I introduced him. 

Everyone should have at least one good conversation starter under their belt. You know, for those times when you're at an event or party, meeting new people, and you want to continue the conversation. 

My conversation stopper is also a conversation starter: 'Well, I married a sailor.' 

People definitely stop and stare. Then they're so intrigued that they get over the awkward silence. The rest of the conversation usually goes like this: 

Wow. A sailor? So is he in the Navy?

No. He works for a private shipping company based overseas.

Umm, you don't live near the ocean.
True. But the Sailor's company flies him around the world to whichever vessel he needs to man.

How long is he gone for?

He's usually away for two months and then he's home for two months -- it's a crazy schedule for people who live a more traditional 9-5 existence, but it works for us.

Wow. I can't imagine my husband not coming home every night. You must miss him.

Of course I do. Departures stink. But we dated long-distance for five years, so we got used to the idea that we'd only be together half the year. Besides, nowadays there's Satellite phones, and if we're lucky, Internet connections when he's close enough to port. And frankly, I can't imagine him having a job where he goes to work daily and then comes home every evening. 

I like having him home for a full two months at a time. It definitely helps in the holiday planning arena. Seriously, we've already spent a month together in South Africa this year, took a week-long cruise (where we rented a half-dead bug in Mexico), AND, we moved 700 miles, without him having to miss a single day of work. PLUS... he'll be back home for another full two months before the year is up!

Do you ever go with him?

Absolutely not. (Besides multiple other logistical nightmares involved in me sailing with him, I get seasick in very rough weather. The Sailor occasionally works on ships that rescue other vessels in bad storms. One Christmas he told me they were sailing out of port, just as everyone else was sailing into safe harbor. He's sailed through hurricanes and multiple other doozies. Plus I'm not keen on sailing with a bunch of other, er... how shall I put this delicately... other sailors. If he ever works on a ship with more passengers, as opposed to crew, I may consider going with him.)
I have on occasion visited the ships he's worked on, depending on what country they are in! And of course we met onboard a ship. 

Wait, where did you two meet?

We both worked as volunteers onboard a hospital ship in West Africa -- AKA the Love Boat

That about sums it up, don't you think? 

It's unlikely that you'll ever see a full photo of The Sailor on this blog. You will see him mentioned in numerous posts, though. He supports my knitting obsession here, makes a mean BBQ here, and helps me decipher a Peach Chutney recipe from Afrikaans here. You can also see his canine buddy, Dexter, here.


  1. Love to meet him one day Brenda : ) He's a Lucky Sailor... he snagged a good one. And frankly, I like the idea of two months full time (home time) too. That'd be easy to get used to.

    1. Awww thank you Grace! Maybe one of these days we'll finally make it down under to visit! (I don't know how I missed seeing this post so many months ago... let's blame technology, shall we?!)