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May 7, 2014

Basket Case

The Sailor and I decided that we have been busier than usual these past few weeks. We're not really sure how that happened, because we're normally pretty laid back people. We don't like to fill our calendar so full that there's no time to relax. 

However, gorgeous weather has beckoned us outdoors for multiple hiking trips and gardening afternoons. And of course we've slowly been getting ready for the Peanut's imminent arrival in just a few short months! (Secretly, I think we're simply trying to cram a bunch of last minute things into our life before we get to meet the bundle of energy currently bouncing around inside of me.)

Last night, during a rare moment of sitting still, I finished my knit basket. 

The pattern is from a British magazine, Simply Knitting September 2013, and came as an extra insert -- the needles shown were also part of the package. I mentioned before that I'm a sucker for magazines... don't even get me started on the ones that offer free gifts inside the plastic wrap! 

Late last week, I promised you some methods on dealing with your own magazine mayday and mayhem. I haven't forgotten! It's coming soon... probably as soon as we get a rainy day around here. In the meantime, knit yourself an even bigger basket than this and stash those extra magazines in there.

May 20, 2013

Five Reasons to Love Warm Weather

1. Crochet. I love to knit, but it seems to take a backseat to crochet as soon as the weather warms up. Knitting elicits images of wooly warm yarn on bamboo needles by the fire. Crochet on the other hand is my staple fiber art during spring and summer, especially with cotton yarn. I'm making something super fun (but can't divulge yet since the recipient may also read this blog.) In the meantime, check out this Bullion Beach Blanket I made -- in case you missed it!

2. Hammocks. There's nothing quite as peaceful as swinging from a hammock on a lazy day. You can even knit in one (despite me just saying I crochet more in warm weather.) You can find out where to buy a very cool hammock here, at the bottom of the post. 

3. Craftiness. The winter isn't the only time to be crafty. Spring and summer bring forth a whole host of fun ideas. I raided my stash to make the simple wreathe below. 

4. Spring cleaning. Warmer weather means people are cleaning out their homes and attics, which means bargains galore in thrift stores and at yard sales. I just found the Golden Pine Pyrex Space Saver (top white dish) for $1. See more photos of this gorgeous holiday promo here

 5. Outdoor activities. Quite possibly my favorite -- longer days and getting to spend time outside. Watching the sunflowers bloom is a bonus.

Eastern Ukraine, circa 1999. It's time to return and get an updated photo in those fields!

What's on your warm weather to-do list?