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December 8, 2013

Bedtime Beading

The Sailor and I took a road trip over Thanksgiving, and I of course brought the necessary knitting arsenal along for the ride. 

If I'm not the one driving, then I try to use the hours in the car to knit. I get carsick reading a map, so it's somewhat surprising that I can knit and crochet. It's like I have a fiber superpower. (Of course if I'm doing something very complex or if I have to read a pattern... my ability goes right out the window and all productivity stops immediately.

I made a pair of simple socks along the journey -- one in the car and one at our destination. Then I began working on a little shawlette to pass the time. 

I splurged on a skein of Madeleine Tosh Merino Light on a solo road trip nearly a year ago. (The label doesn't have the color, but it looks closest to 'cove' or 'filigree' from the website listing.

I had planned to make a pair of beaded fingerless gloves as part of a Knitting Guild project. I started the gloves, then decided while I liked the beads with the yarn, I didn't really want to make another pair of gloves. 

After making this enormous Citron Grand, I decided I really liked shawls. But I didn't want to make another BIG one for quite a while. I needed something quick, easy, that would only take my one little luxurious skein of yarn. And, I wanted to use the beads. 

Ravelry didn't disappoint. 

I found this little shawl: The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People for free online. (Don't let the name throw you... it's a cute story and happy-looking shawl!) While the pattern doesn't call for beads, I figured I could easily add them throughout the shawl and especially on the picot edging.

The thing with beads though, is they are not conducive to car knitting. I put a few beads on the shawl randomly throughout the pattern (and probably lost just as many under the seat), so by the time I got to the edge, I put the shawl on hold. 

I waited until we got to our hotel stop for the night and pulled out the beading equipment. (Note the super cute zip pouch in the upper left of the photo -- found that little gem at Knitty City in NYC a while back.)  

I managed to finish the beading just before bedtime. Thankfully the hotel came equipped with plastic cups to corral the runaway beads.   

I used to think shawlettes were a little strange. Not quite a shawl, but not a scarf either. But now I think they may be my new favorite thing to make. This one is perfect for traveling -- both to knit (minus the beading part) and of course to wear. 

They also make fabulous gifts for friends -- especially when you don't want to worry about sizing. This shawlette knit up quite quickly, so there's still time to make one yourself to gift for the holidays! 

(Beading is much easier than it looks! Here's a good place to start. I used the crochet hook method to place my beads.