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February 7, 2013

Shades of Blue

Sunshine, shorts, sandals and hammocking... I must be in the Southern Hemisphere. I am trying to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible -- what a contrast to the snow and ice the Sailor and I left behind only a few days ago!  

For the trip, I specifically picked this cardigan pattern to knit. It’s not at all complicated (handy when trying to knit AND carry on a conversation when you're somewhat jet-lagged), plus it’s made of cotton (essential in my book for summertime knitting). I already made this same cardigan before, years ago, in a shade of green for my mother. 

I decided to make myself a blue one, so I ordered the yarn online. I realized later that it’s the exact same shade of blue as the first sweater I ever made -- one I knit and put together in Cape Town, the year I learned to knit. In fact I was wearing that first sweater the day the yarn arrived -- and I even chuckled a little to myself when I saw how similar the shades of blue were to each other. 

Apparently I'm drawn to all things blue when it comes to knitwear
(although I prefer my hammocks in pink and green...) 

Fitting then, that yesterday I set-up my trusty hammock and decided to float for a bit under the bright blue sky, while working on the blue cardi. 

Everyone should hammock. It's good for the soul. It's also the perfect way to see some shades of blue without feeling blue. Here's where to find your own Color Cloud Hammock. Even if you're still experiencing winter, if you order your hammock now, you'll have it in time for sunny skies and hot weather. 

* Full disclaimer... while I am friends with the fun and fabulous gals behind Color Cloud Hammocks, I received no compensation or goods from this post. Hammocking however, is contagious, so I do feel compelled to spread the word. 

November 6, 2012

Central Park Hoodie

It's finally cold enough to wear my Central Park Hoodie. I finished it over six months ago -- just as the temperatures hit a scorching 85 degree mark. I had the yarn stashed since last year this time and couldn't wait to tuck into it, but I had multiple other projects going and I hadn't yet decided which sweater I would be making with Kraemer's Perfection worsted.


The Sailor suggested I knit a zip cardigan with a hood. The Central Park Hoodie won. I even added these pockets, because really, what's a hoodie without a place to stuff both my hands and my tissues? 

It's not often that I finish a project and think: 'let's make that all over again!' Usually by the time I've completed something big like a sweater, or a blanket, I'm pretty much done with that particular pattern. (This is why I was both a successful and terrible seamstress all at once... in high school I wanted to make my friends' fancy dresses in one night. Usually it took several nights, and by the time I got to the hem I was DONE with sewing and wanted to throw the machine out the window. True story.) After big projects, I'm ready for instant gratification. I want to make a dishcloth or even a hat I can complete in one night. 

But as I cast off the sleeves and put the final finishing touches on the pockets, I was already plotting Central Park Hoodie gifts for people. I think I may have found my favorite pattern ever.