July 13, 2013

Pyrex Casualty

My vintage Pyrex collection survived a 700 mile road trip (with a few extra days crammed in a moving truck, to boot). 

Tonight, I had my first casualty. I dropped a bowl. I have two more in this pattern so it wasn't a complete disaster - but I did find myself staring at the floor in a slight state of shock for a moment. 

I never need a reason to check out a thrift store... the hunt for unexpected objects is a thrill itself. But I suppose now I can add 'find replacement bowl' to the shopping list. 


  1. OHhhh NO!!! I might cry. What pattern is that?? Please tell me its not Butterprint. Please?!

  2. It wasn't Butterprint, thankfully! Just a tableware bowl in Bluegrass (similar to Grecian but blue!) I still have the other two, so all wasn't lost that day ;)