November 18, 2012


The Sailor left today -- en route to a port on the other side of the world for a new sailing adventure. He was supposed to leave last week and then a visa glitch delayed him for another seven days. 

I didn't complain (although I did feel a bit bad for the guy at the other end who was supposed to be relieved last week...) It's always nice when we get a bonus week together. It makes up for the times that the Sailor has to work an extra week, or when his ship is still out to sea and nowhere near land on the day he's actually supposed to fly home.

another last supper before another flight

Having extra time together doesn't usually make goodbyes any easier though -- in fact it sometimes makes the departure even harder. Even so, I know the quicker the Sailor actually sails, the quicker he will fly back home. 

And arrivals are infinitely better than departures, in my book.

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