May 31, 2013

Cotton Apron

I am a complete slob in the kitchen. Having a small space doesn't help... more flour often ends up on me than in the bowl. I have always benefited from using an apron. I have a cute one that I sewed years ago that I practically live in, but recently I saw this Vickie Howell Apron Strings pattern in Interweave Crochet, and I knew I had to make it. 

Here's a sample of the fun stitches. This is whipping up pretty quickly, so I should have it done soon. Perfectly cool, cotton yarn for weekend crocheting. I'm not sure how much cooking I'll actually be doing in it, since temperatures are starting to sore again, but at least I'll look cute fanning myself in this apron. 


  1. You are unstoppable! I love the colours... too nice to cook in maybe? g

    1. Thank you! The colors match a lot of the fun Pyrex in my kitchen. You're right though -- it's too nice to cook in, but maybe I can wear it when guests visit and the sloppy food is already pre-cooked?