February 8, 2014

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

I've had this quote on my desk for a while now. It serves as a reminder for me to simplify my life when things start looking a little hectic around here. 

Lately, I feel like things are piling up. To do lists, laundry, stacks of books waiting to be read, stuff that needs to be written, posts that need to be blogged, letters that need to be mailed, invoices that need to be sent... you get the picture. 

We all have our own list. Some days it seems like it never ends. So how are we supposed to simplify, especially in this age of crazy and constant busyness? 

I'll have an upcoming post about de-cluttering soon, but in the meantime, there are ways to de-clutter your brain. Sometimes it's quicker. 

The Sailor often has sage words of advice whenever he's around. Whenever I'm feeling particularly stressed or overwhelmed about something (like that list), he tells me to go sit in my chair by the window and knit for a bit. He knows me well. Essentially, his advice helps me to simplify that moment.

The list hasn't gone anywhere, but for a few moments, I feel like it doesn't even exist.

Even if I've only had 10 minutes to sit there, knit and breathe, I come away from the chair, calmer and more inclined to tackle the list without getting frazzled. 

For some people it's knitting, for others it's sitting quietly drinking a cup of tea, or reading, or a prayer, or even watering the house plants. Whatever method we choose, I'm sure Thoreau would agree that we all need a little moment of simplicity during the day. What's yours? 


  1. At home I like to do the dishes by hand...It's therapeutic. I hate home dishwashers anyway!

    1. Me too! This is the first time we've lived somewhere with a dishwasher and we still don't use it much at all... too much vintage Pyrex, and I actually don't mind washing dishes by hand.