December 25, 2012

White and Bright Christmas

It snowed last night. Big perfect, fluffy flakes, right at dusk, as Christmas Eve started. 
It was indeed a quiet night. 

Then the sun came out today and melted all but a few patches. 
From white to bright in hours.  

And now that we are past the solstice, the sun will linger each day for a little bit longer. 

But I think I'll still keep the lights on inside for now.


  1. Wow! I'v yet to experience a white Christmas. Sounds kind of serene... ours was bright from the go-get. We spent the day cowering from the heat and encouraging every breath of wind to bring some friends to cool us down! Your photos are gorgeous! grace

    1. Thank you! Snow is quite lovely and serene if it arrives right as you want it to, like on Christmas Eve... it's not always so welcome during other times ;) Some of us wish for the beach instead, in December...