September 17, 2013

Pretty Piles of Pyrex

Pyrex doesn't seem to be coming out with new patterns anytime soon. I think they're sticking with plain old clear glass, and letting the rest of us find our fun patterns in the thrift and antique stores as well as online on eBay and Etsy.

Etsy offers a plethora of fun Pyrex-related products. You can find notecards, posters, prints, jewelry and mosaics (made out of broken Pyrex!) and even lamp shades made out of Pyrex bowls. 

Not long ago, I came across Fresh Pastry Stand. The owner make all kinds of fun things, but her Pyrex screen-printed tea towels caught my eye. What's not to love about a tea towel? Useful, pretty and c'mon... they match my Butterprint Pyrex collection. I finally ordered a few towels tonight, because I know that with Fall around the corner, I'll be baking more and let's face it, washing more dishes. I may as well use pretty towels to wipe them dry.

Recently, the shop owner held a little Facebook competition to come up with new tea towel pattern ideas. Of course I entered. While I didn't win, I had fun coming up with new color combos and seeing the other entries.

Here are a few of my favorites from my own thrifted collection: 

And even though I mentioned in this post that I've never had a dishwasher, I do now, but it doesn't get much action. Vintage Pyrex should always be hand-washed and dried, preferably with a fun tea towel.

(Disclaimer: While I did receive a 25% off coupon for the Fresh Pastry Stand Etsy shop, for entering the Facebook contest, I received no compensation for this post.) 

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