May 4, 2014

Weekend WIPs

I seriously can't remember the last time I actually bought yarn (!) That doesn't mean I haven't been crocheting or knitting though. I'm just really trying to use up my stash before I purchase more -- and I'm trying to be more purposeful about buying yarn for a specific project, rather than stocking up willy-nilly just because some yarn is on sale.

A few days ago, Lion Brand posted this article about yarn organization on their blog. The headline started out with something about 'Too Much Yarn...' When they posted the story on Facebook, I read through the multitude of comments it elicited -- most of which said you can never have too much yarn. 

While I can jokingly agree (I mean, I'd hate to see the day that I have NO project to work on because I'm completely out of yarn...) I also believe that stashing the stuff can be to your detriment on occasion. 

For instance, this weekend, I found three nearly complete skeins of Bernat Cottontots -- all in different colors -- in my stash. I had purchased the yarn at a clearance sale and then made this blanket. I also used up some of the pink and green for this Princess and the Pea dress.

I scrambled through patterns and looked on Ravelry for ideas on using up the remainder of the skeins, thinking that I would just go and buy some more and make a striped blanket or something. Then I discovered that this yarn is now discontinued. 

Just great. I made that blanket three years ago. Had I really been hording those leftover balls of yarn for that long?!

I'm also pretty sure I have some yarn in the basket that I've been storing since I re-learned how to crochet nearly 5 years ago. It's definitely time to do something with those leftovers. 

So I'm still making dishcloths and washcloths and even baby cloths. Even if I don't use these myself, I'm going to keep a stash of them as gifts for people. Just the other week, the Sailor and I had a BBQ with some new friends and when I next saw them, I gave them a thank you note for their hospitality and two dishcloths tied with ribbon. The lady was thrilled!

I've also been using up a bunch of other cotton yarn to make some teethers for the Peanut. Something tells me the next three months are going to fly by... and then this baby will start teething before I know it. These would also make great last minute baby shower gifts or even just a token gift with a card for a new mom-to-be. Pattern available here

Finally, I purchased way too much yarn for this bulky blanket. (Remember, it started out as  shrug #1 then shrug #2...)  So this weekend, I started making a basket. You know, to store more yarn. Or those teethers. Or maybe these little squishies I'll eventually make for the Peanut as well. 

All in all, it's been a good weekend for stash busting with the current Works-in-Progress. When the stash is under control, I have some scrumptious sock yarn that I plan to use for a gorgeous two-toned shawl, as a reward for my efforts, if you will. But first, I have more dishcloths to make. 

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