March 5, 2014

Knitting WIPs

This week I realized I'm a little behind on keeping you posted on my knitting projects. I've still been knitting (what else does one do in the evenings while watching TV?) but now I'm at the stage where I have a bunch of fiddly things to do with each project and I'm not sure which one to get cracking on. 

For you though, a little update on three works-in-progress.
(WIPs for those not yet initiated into knitting lingo.)

A stretchy grey cardigan for a special baby: crochet edging in the works, and buttons that need sewing.

I've wanted to make this pattern for a L-O-N-G time and I certainly don't remember paying €5 for it... In fact, I don't remember ever paying for it. Maybe it was offered free at some point? Nevertheless, the pattern can be found here on Ravelry. (Don't be deceived though... while this is a fairly seamless knit, there are a TON of ends to weave in.

The yarn is some cheap acrylic brand -- I can't even remember which one. I first bought it to make these gloves, and then realized it wouldn't work. For $2 it wasn't worth returning. But it makes a mighty fine little cardigan. 

Next up: a bulky weight blanket, again for a special baby. (The pattern costs a whole dollar if you're up for the splurge!)

Does that yarn look familiar? It should. Remember when I tried to make these shrugs, here and here? Yeah, well, I gave up on the idea of a piece of clothing for me and went with some cute, cozy cables for a baby to cuddle with, instead.

Fabric and batting still need to be sewn on so that it's like a little knit quilt. (Try saying that five times... 'little-knit-quilt, little-knit-quilt...') The fabric should look familiar too -- remember this bag's lining? What can I say, I have a thing for giraffes.

Finally, for a mama-to-be, this cardigan is in the works. The pattern is well worth the $4 because it's written for numerous sizes and also in four different yarn weights. I love it when designers figure all of that out for us knitters. 

A whole sleeve is still in progress, and then eventually the body edging and inevitable weaving in of ends is yet to come. If you're looking for a budget-friendly worsted weight yarn, KnitPicks stocks this great stuff called Brava

I realize my taste in yarn color recently has been about the same color as winter. Time for spring to roll in and for me to get some color injected into my fiber fun!

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