June 1, 2014

Pinterest Disinterest

I know that we are not quite halfway through 2014, but I always feel like June 1st marks the turning point when time starts to fly. Summer may not officially start for a few more weeks, but most people tend to mark the changing of the seasons right after Memorial Day. 

I feel like summer usually buzzes by in a heartbeat and then before I know it, it's fall and the holidays are around the corner. 


With the year nearly half over, it's time to assess where I am with my (ahem) 'goals' for the year. Remember when I talked about non-New Year's Resolutions here? I mentioned that I wanted to make better use of Pinterest

I signed up for this addictive website soon after it took off, and I spent way too long pinning stuff to my boards, and then drooling over my keyboard, with my head in the clouds. 

And then, in a moment of sheer frustration, I took every one of my pins and boards down, in defiance to Pinterest's sketchy copyright statement at the time. Then, once they fixed that, I didn't want to revisit the site because I wasn't okay with my stuff being public for anyone to see. I'm pretty sure they've made the whole site less complex now and you can actually make your stuff private, but the thing is, I've been okay with not going back there. 

You see, every time I think I have a spare moment to peruse the site and start pinning stuff again, I start to think about how addictive it can be. It's so easy to create your boards and lists and then later you wonder how and if you'll ever have time to cook those recipes, knit those slippers and shop for those clothes on your boards. 

And when I look at these perfect photos and sites, I start comparing myself to other bloggers and people in general... and I'm ashamed to say that sometimes the green-eyed monster comes for a visit. 

So, for now, I'm still going to avoid Pinterest. Frankly, I have enough craftiness and creativity spinning around my head right now, and enough of my own perhaps pin-able projects, that Pinterest is just going to get in my way.

Pinterest, I know you are amazing. But for now, I'm still going to avoid you... because let's face it, you're a total distraction.  
How about you? Are you on Pinterest? Is it useful, or do you just find yourself spending hours on there and then not getting anything done? 

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