December 2, 2013

The Leftovers

Thanksgiving Day may only be a memory, but hopefully you still have some leftovers? 

One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving growing up was having enough leftovers for a turkey sandwich. Nothing fancy... just turkey, bread, mayo and salt.


In fact, some years, I've had to remind my mom to make a bigger turkey just for those day-after sandwiches.

Last year, I visited a friend and her family in Idaho. We celebrated Second Thanksgiving and I made my first ever pumpkin pie. Her kids were a little confused about having a holiday repeat, but they certainly didn't mind when we ate pumpkin pie again. We had leftovers for that Thanksgiving, too. 

This year, my mom made the pie, and I was thankful because she made two at my request. For leftovers, of course.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Day leftovers? And more importantly... did you get to enjoy them this year? 

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