December 5, 2013

Merry Countdown

It's beginning.

I noticed that the day after Thanksgiving, both my Bloglovin' and Instagram feeds filled up with photos and posts of Christmas decorating ideas. 

I've got plenty of time to make stuff to decorate the apartment, I thought. 
Then I looked at the calendar. 


Thanksgiving really was a little later than usual this year, huh?!

So far, this holly garland is all that's up. And as soon as I finish mailing out my Christmas cards, I just may get around to decorating some more winter decor before the end of this month. (Although it was 73 degrees here yesterday. Not really weather conducive to trimming a tree.)



  1. Christmas has come around quickly this year!! I love the photos of your garland pieces. What a beautiful decoration! Ps thank you for your wonderful comment about my Pockets Full of Posies quilt!!

    1. Thank you! And you're welcome for the comment... your quilts always amaze me :)