March 17, 2014


Spring cleaning (even if the weather is less than springy outside) means that I feel the urge to get those WIPs done. So this weekend, I did just that.

It's not usually the actual knitting that takes forever. It's the last little bits -- seaming pieces together, sewing on buttons, and of course, blocking. You know, the stuff that's not actually 'knitting', but is just as important to the final product? 

Remember all of those fiddly things I had to do on several knitting projects? Well, this weekend, I finished two out of three. (The blanket still needs to be stitched together... but I'm pretty sure the sewing machine and I will get a little friendly this week.)
Buttons on a wee cardi...

Edging finally finished on an even bigger cardi...

And a few extra things found in a pile that got blocked over the weekend. It's amazing what accumulates in said pile because I'm too lazy to look for a button in the jar, or to get the blocking boards out.

I'm truly happy that everything 'grey' I've been working on seems finally DONE. (Remind me never again to work on so many grey things at once...especially over the winter.) Now I can start working on some stuff with a little more color to it. 

For more info on blocking your knitting, read this past post here.

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