April 11, 2014

Garden Green

Overnight, it seems the trees here turned green. And with the frost (hopefully) behind us, this was the perfect week to restart our garden. 

We may not have a backyard, but we like to think that all of the hiking trails and parks near us are simply an extension of our apartment. Plus, we have a neat little community garden right at our complex. Last year's little garden was such success (despite that run-in with the rusty wire...) so this year we're taking two plots.  

First, we pulled out the last of the Winter Kale, since it started going to seed.

Then we planted tomatoes, peppers and spinach. I know the spinach looks quite sad in the photo below, but after only being in the ground for 24 hours, it's now totally perked up!

Plants amaze me. What are you growing this year? 

PS: Anyone else spot that great vintage CorningWare oven/serving tray above? 
It definitely sees multiple uses around here.  


  1. I just got done with 3 ferns and 6 hostas. I'm soaking the 10 strawberries for planting next. Earlier this week I planted 18 Cherokee purple tomatoes, and 2 dozen mixed sunflowers. This afternoon I will be doing 4 kinds of peppers. Also been checking the berry bushes and fruit trees. Nothing like buds on them but my maple is in "full" bloom and two other trees are in bud.

    1. Wow! You definitely have your garden groove on! Of course I'm thrilled that you planted sunflowers ;)